For more than 40 years, Nicklason Research Associates
has provided in-depth historical research and consulting
services to diverse government, nonprofit and private
clients. The Nicklason team locates and analyzes critical
historical evidence at the National Archives and Records
Administration (NARA) and other repositories for
projects and programs including:

•        Asbestos litigation   
•        DoD Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC)
•        Ships-to-Reefs
•        Native American resource and accounting claims

Nicklason's associates are passionate about history,
serious about research and dedicated to finding our
clients the information they need. To find out how we
can assist you with your project, please contact us

Nicklason Research Associates is a consulting firm based in
Washington, D.C., that provides historical research, writing and
consulting services. We work with a variety of public and private
clients, including Native American tribes, government agencies,
environmental engineering companies, lawyers, authors, academics,
media outlets and cultural resource management firms.

Our team of professional researchers has unrivalled experience in
navigating the vitally important-but-labyrinthian holdings of the
National Archives to find historical evidence of all kinds, whether
textual documents for Native American claims, photographs for
interpretive exhibits or maps and other records identifying
contamination sources for environmental projects. Our researchers
are skilled at tracking down hard-to-find records at other federal
repositories as well, along with state and local archives, libraries,
government agencies and historical societies around the country.

We are committed to our clients, and provide written analysis and
interpretation based on their needs. Our associates have expertise
producing detailed historical reports, museum exhibit scripts,
institutional histories and other publications.  

For nearly 40 years, Nicklason has maintained a first-rate reputation
and record for historical research excellence. We complete our
projects on time and on budget, with the efficiency and cost
effectiveness that comes with being a small firm, and the capabilities
and knowledge base of much larger ones. Please
contact us to see
how we can help you.

Historical Research and Consulting Since 1972